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Top-notch deepfake creator

DeepFaceLab is a graphic and design utility that enables you to efficiently swap faces on any image or video. Developed by sf-editor1, this open-source deepfake system is leading in the market with over 95% of created deepfake videos alone. The indispensable pipeline that it serves is easy-to-use even for users that have no comprehensive understanding of the deep learning framework. It provides a fairly flexible and loose coupling structure to strengthen users' pipeline in simpler methods.

Deepfake various contents

Aside from replacing the faces in an image or video, DeepFaceLab enables you to also change the head, de-age the face, and even manipulate lips for speeches. Although, that particular feature requires skills in video editing software such as Adobe After Effects or Davinci Resolve. Unfortunately, if you expect that everything would be done here in just a single click, the reality is no. You have to spend time studying the workflow and enhancing your skills.

You do not need to worry much though as you will be accompanied by all-inclusive guides and tutorials that can effectively walk you through the basics of the program. A mini video tutorial can also be found on the GitHub page of the software. These guides and tutorials will demonstrate in detail how to do faceset creation, set fake on Google Colab, and manually compose deepfake in well-known video editors.   

For more tips, you can follow the software's various communication groups such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, etc. There will be community-made pre-trained models and celebrity facesets that are ready for you to use anytime you want. You can achieve noteworthy results with high conformity to a standard that will be impossible to be detected by mainstream forgery detection approaches.

Fun and effective deepfakes

DeepFaceLab is truly an effective platform to perform various deepfake contents. Its provided pipeline is made as easy as possible to accommodate all levels of technical knowledge but still, offering a flexible amount of customization that can be modified easily by users who have enough familiarity with the program. Well, it doesn't go as far as serving a "make everything ok" button as you still need to go through the process.


  • Effective deepfake creator
  • Pipeline is made easy-to-use
  • Flexible enough for customizations
  • Open-source and free


  • No "make everything ok" button

DeepFaceLab for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 384.92.72.22
  • 4.3
  • (2)
  • Security Status

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